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Event Search

There are a number of benefits behind a thorough event search. Maybe you're a "Ringmaster" beginning to plan your next big event. It might make since to scope out the so-called competition to ensure there's not a similar event taking place near the event site or during the event date(s). It could also be time for you to take a break from the hosting side of things and go get some competitive play in yourself!


Or, you could be a "Performer" looking to play in a specific style of competitive action. We can help locate these events by location, date, style, etc. Use the search engine below to pin-point exactly what you're in search of. Please be aware, the events founds may or may not be operated by Versus Circus. If it's a VSCircus "sanctioned" event, you'll see our official seal. For VSCircus "non-sanctioned" events, those will be clearly marked as well. Now, wave your magic wand and let the search begin!

Oh no! The dancing bear is eating all of the funnel cakes! We'll be back shortly with your search tools.

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