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This section of the site has been dedicated to all of you with a competitive spirit inside, those who enjoy the social scene between friends and opponents, or simply in need of a break away from your normal day to day routine. We will be referring to you as the "Performers" a.k.a. players — individuals and / or teams who think they possess special talents or skills at a particular recreational activity.  


This page will be your primary resource to register for upcoming events, view events you are currently active in, search for events
and even request specific events. As Versus Circus grows, the list of event opportunities will grow as well. Check out all of the options below and choose the category you'd like to view first.    

Leagues in Progress

If you are currently participating in an on-going weekly league, fully maintained or managed to some degree by Versus Circus, a link to that league page should appear below. Most league pages will contain leaderboards, stats, season schedules, member contact list and more. Locate your league name below, click and presto! 

No leagues currently in progress

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are events (tournaments, leagues, misc.) scheduled to take place in the near future, usually with open player and/or team registration. These links will take you directly to each specific event's main page, containing all available event details, as well as registration instructions if available. 

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