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Under the Versus Circus big top, "Ringmasters" are individuals, groups, business owners, organizations, etc., interested in setting up specific events, but need assistance to do so in some form or fashion. Whether the event needs to be completed in a single day, managed for a longer scheduled period of time, or even a completely new concept all together, we have the tools and experience necessary to get you started and ensure a successful event from beginning to end. Maybe time is not on your side. Or, you simply do not have the expertise to bring your idea to life. This is where we take the stage. Our "Event Management Packages" provide more detail behind the range of assistance programs we offer. The "Event Request Form" allows you to submit a specific request. Need help promoting your event? Let's see if we can help. Not all events we are associated with are "Versus Circus Sanctioned", so we encourage you to also click the link below and learn more about the differences between "sanctioned" and "non-sanctioned" events. Our services even go beyond recreational management, venturing into graphic design needs and advertising assistance. All of the Versus Circus branding you see was created in-house! We're here to assist in any way we can.   

Full-Service League Management

Full-service league management is ideal for customers wishing to minimize their involvement in week-to-week and even day-to-day league operations. Running a successful league requires a great deal of time, organization, expertise and extensive resources. The team at Versus Circus has years of valuable league management experience. Bags leagues are growing in popularity and, more than ever, players are looking for venues that provide a high-quality league by organizers who are familiar with what regular players have come to expect. Taking advantage of the full-service league management insures an elite level of league coordination.


League Setup/Management Fee — $200

Set up includes team registration, pre-league promotion, weekly league management, league web page, graphic design services, schedule and score sheet generation, customer service, print materials (posters, fliers, table tents, etc.), and listing on Versus Circus schedule of events.

Fee per head per week — $5

(Standard league length is 9 weeks: 8 weeks of regular season play and 1 week for the championship tournament).


(Optional) Equipment Purchase
If needed, venues may purchase custom branded, professional-grade boards, professional grade “slip and stick” bags, and score towers. Versus Circus recommends a minimum of one set per six league teams. Once purchased, the equipment belongs to the venue for any future leagues or events. Equipment purchased from Versus Circus is not required to host a league but in order to have an officially sanctioned Versus Circus league or event an equipment inspection is required. Venues with equipment below standard who do not wish to purchase new will still receive the benefits listed but will not have the “Versus Circus Sanctioned” certification on the website.


(Optional) Equipment Rental — $150 Per Set
For venues not wishing to purchase boards, Versus Circus offers season-long rental options. The rental includes professional grade boards, professional grade “slip and stick” bags and score towers for each set rented. The venue keeps the equipment for the duration of the league and may use it outside of league times. An additional $150 refundable deposit is required per set for equipment rental. A minimum of one set of boards is recommended per six league teams.

DIY "A La Carte" League Assistant

The Do It Yourself League Assistant provides venues with the option to run the league themselves while still taking advantage of the expertise and organization that’s required in launching a full-scale league. The services associated with the DIY League Assistant are available as needed. While the involvement from Versus Circus is limited compared to the Full-Service League Management option, venues may still qualify for the “Versus Circus Sanctioned” certification.

League Assistant Launch fee — $100

Launch option includes pre-launch league promotion, schedule and score sheet generation, pre-launch customer service, and listing on Versus Circus schedule of events.

Online Team Registration at — $50

$50 League web page

Graphic Design Services and Custom Print Materials — $50

(posters, fliers, table tents, etc.).

Single-Day Event Management

One-Day Event Management is designed for venues looking to host a one-day tournament. Tournaments are a great way to draw patrons from all over the metro area to a day-long event at any specific location. Versus Circus handles everything from promotion and sign-ups to event management and professional equipment rental. Very little is asked of the venue so the management team and staff can focus on generating revenue at the event itself. This option is great for bars and restaurants but can also drive business and interest for fundraisers, booster clubs, campgrounds, churches, homeowner’s associations, company picnics, team building activities, and more.

One-Day Event Management fee — $250

Tournament setup includes (as needed) team registration, tournament management for up to 25 teams, equipment rental, promotion, customer service, graphic design services and print materials.

$10 per team after 25 ($5 per person for blind-draw tournaments). The first 25 teams signed up are covered in the initial fee. There is an additional fee of $10 per team for every registered team after 25.

Versus Circus brings the experience gained in executing 100+ tournaments to ensure a smooth-running event that meets and exceeds the expectations of players who recognize how quality events should operate.

*Estimate based on an average $25 bar tab per customer.
This figure is a low-end estimate based on historical data. Individual tabs often reach $30 to $50 per league night.

**Estimate based on an average $30 bar tab per customer. This figure is a low-end estimate based on historical data. Individual tabs often reach $50+ over the course of a day-long tournament.

Versus Circus Sanctioned .vs. Non-Sanctioned Events

Versus Circus works with many different individuals, under many different situations, within a wide range of variables. And although we fully support the majority of you ringmasters out there, there is a difference between "sanctioned" and "non-sanctioned" events. Please get to know the VSCircus Sanctioned Event Icon below and what separates these two catagories:  

VSCircus Sanctioned Events: Any event managed directly by VSCircus, or in which all aspects of that event, such as set up, environment, rules, equipment, etc. have been examined and approved.


This icon will be stamped on all sanctioned events VSCircus is involved with.

Non-Sanctioned Events: These are events VSCircus have supported and/or assisted in some way, but are not fully managed by us. Various conditions such as set up, environment, rules, equipment, etc. are decided upon by the outside organizer, not fully supported by VSCircus standards, but approved for event activity. 

Graphic Design • Advertising • Creative Assistance

Not only do we have the skills and experience managing and hosting recreational events, but we also have individuals on staff with 15+ years in the graphic design industry, backed by a BA degree in that field. All of the branding and design work you see here, from the website design to the Versus Circus logo, was all created in-house. Depending upon which event management option you chose, creative help can be part of that agreement.

We are also willing to assist with most design needs you may have, outside of the event planning arena. If you simply need help with your brand, promo items, packaging design, marketing tools, venue related items, etc., please contact Jeremy at 850.445.5667 or email and we'll gladly discuss the scope of your project(s) and provide a very reasonable quote to complete the work.

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