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Ladies & gentlemen! Event organizers and competitive players! We'd like to introduce Versus Circus, LLC, The Ringmasters
of Recreation,
here to coordinate your tournaments, leagues and any other competitive functions you have in mind. Versus Circus, (VSCircus) was established to manage or assist the competitive, recreational world in a freakishly large variety of ways.


If you are an event organizer, owner of a venue looking for more foot traffic, CEO of a company with a creative team building idea, or anyone interested in event management / hosting, Versus Circus is dedicated to help you achieve your goals and bring your plans to life. To view all of our options for "organizers" please visit the "Ringmasters" section of this website.


You may be a player looking to join (or are currently enrolled in) a tournament or league, event enthusiasts in need of an activity to break up your week, or a weekend warrior with an ongoing itch for some competitive action. We've got you in mind as well. If this sounds like your bag of tricks, check out our "Performers" page to view the current options available.

Versus Circus works with many different individuals, under many different situations, within a wide-range of variables. And although we fully support the majority of you ringmasters out there, there is a difference between "sanctioned" and "non-sanctioned" events. Please get to know the VSCircus Sanctioned Event Icon below and what separates these two categories:

VSCircus Sanctioned Events: Any event managed directly by VSCircus, or in which all aspects of that event, such as set up, environment, rules, equipment, etc. have been examined and approved.


This icon will be stamped on all sanctioned events VSCircus is involved with.

Non-Sanctioned Events: These are events VSCircus have supported and/or assisted in some way, but are not fully managed by us. Various conditions such as set up, environment, rules, equipment, etc. are decided upon by the outside organizer, not fully supported by VSCircus standards, but approved for event activity. 

Assistance in graphic design and advertising can be built into your event management agreement, but is also available as a freelance option, outside of the event management area. Please feel free to reach out with any print or digital related help you may require, and we'll gladly discuss the scope of your project(s) and provide a very reasonable quote to get you everything you need.    

Our experience speaks for itself, dating back to when we were The Big South Group, playing a major role in growing awareness of Cornhole in the Twin Cities and surrounding regions. Although bags could easily be listed as our "bread & butter", those of us at VSCircus are continuously working towards new and refreshing event concepts, overall event management improvements and are looking forward to bringing an endless variety of competitive, recreational opportunities to your town!  

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