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Welcome to Versus Circus! Thank you for visiting our website. For those of you who are not familiar with us, our business concept up to this point, which started out as a side gig (and currently still is) has been rather simple — concept, create, manage and host competitive social events, primarily focused around the game of bags. The return has resulted in so many successful events, new friendships, strong partnerships and more. Plus, in doing so, a special annual event emerged in 2016 called The Cornhole Circuit, a growing league of bags that we built to work side-by-side with local breweries, that has sense spread outside the great state of Minnesota, and continues to grow year after year. Along the way, we've worked with great individuals and organizations, some of which we still work closely with today (see Top Performers). Now, the model of our business moving forward is honestly evolving on a daily basis as we've harnessed the years of experience, good and bad, learned from those around us, have a better understanding of what has worked (hasn't worked), and are now in the process of combining all of that knowledge to create what the new Versus Circus will become in the (hopefully) near future. So, for now, feel free to tour our site, learn more about us, get familiar with one of our most popular events and stay in touch to see what's to come! 

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