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the grand story

the who, when, where, what and now

We thought about writing a lengthy bio detailing our full company history, but thought a condensed version would do the trick. If you are left with more questions after reading, we're available to get those answered for you. Reach out anytime

We are Versus Circus, formally The Big South Group, a company started in 2010 with a simple concept — bring more Cornhole events to the Minneapolis region — period. And for the first 5 to 6 years of operation, we did just that. Mainly in the form of tournaments, then eventually leagues here and there. It was a fun side gig that provided experiences on how to run successful events, eventually sparking a vision, or at least an initial vision, of what we wanted our company to become. Then the wheels began to turn.

In 2015, still working under The Big South name, an amazing concept hit us — something a bit different, unique, out of the norm — exactly the type of event that we hoped would begin to mold our identity. One afternoon, hanging with our friends at Elevated Beer, Wine & Spirits, while enjoying some delicious craft beers at a local pub, the idea of The Cornhole Circuit began to form. The question was, how do we combine the growing popularity of bags with the exploding market in local breweries? It didn't take long to flush out the concept, and with the help of Elevated BWS, connecting us with some awesome local breweries, we were off and running. Visit this page to learn more about The Cornhole Circuit.

Jumping ahead a bit further, after a few successful seasons of the circuit, and continued behind-the-scenes brainstorming around the company's current, and more importantly, future identity, it was time for a change.  Enter, Versus Circus, a new name (and brand) established to really drive home this new vision, using two simple, yet recognizable words:

Versus (.vs.) — competitive, competition, gaming and more formally, based off the true definition, "against".

Circus — Entertainment and performance, many times in an unexpected fashion.

Plus, the two words just sounded really good together!

Now, at present time, the company continues to evolve and we keep moving down this path, working towards what we ultimately want to be. We no longer run the monthly tournaments or weekly leagues. And our inventory has been sold off to others who will put it to better use. The Cornhole Circuit is (hopefully) here to stay, with the idea of adding 1 to 2 other annual events down the road. However, our true focus is on event management as a whole, and is where we sit today, gradually putting the pieces together to eventually find our true calling, which we know will come in time. 

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